About Us

You may have already seen us around the place, or recognise us from Jessica Jones Photography. We’ve been Jessica Jones Photography for what feels like millennia, concentrating on weddings, portraits and commercial photography over the years. Now we’re focusing much of our creative energy on Chunky Llama. We’re 100% locally owned and family run.

Emily – Currently on Maternity Leave

Emily is our Chief Photographer and has been called a baby whisperer, with her amazing skills to settle and pose a newborn, and the patience of a saint. She’s the one who does much of the actual work, both in the studio and on the computer.

Emily’s the one who will edit and send your images and generally keep the place humming.

Emily is an NZIPP Accredited Photographer.


She’s the one with the funny animal noises, and the awesome ugly selfie
skills. A mother six times over, she’s pretty comfortable with kids, noise and
dribbly babies. Currently the taker of the pictures, usually presence on social

If you want to know the fancy stuff, Jessica is an NZIPP Master of Photography with Distinction, NZIPP Nelson/Marlborough Photographer of the Year in 2019 and a multi-award winning photographer.

The Chunky Llama

Chunky Llama came to us at the tail end of the lock-down of 2020.

Perhaps partly stir-crazy creativity, partly a chance to pivot and sink out teeth into something new and exciting and partly because Llamas are hilarious and a Chunky Llama is the best type of llama there is, don’t you think? Chunky does precious little around the place except look cute and make us smile. And that’s enough.



Contact the Llama

Give us a call, or drop us an email – we’d love to hear from you!

Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand

Jess Cell: 027 330 1336

Email: info@chunkyllama.co.nz