Chunky Llama Gift Card (printable)

$45.00$800.00 or Custom

Chunky Llama Gift Cards – the perfect gift!  This is where you can purchase a gift card for any amount, pay for it right away and have it emailed right to your inbox, ready for you to print and give to your lucky loved one!

Please enter the following details if you would like them automatically filled out on the gift card. If you prefer to handwrite this after printing out the gift card just leave these blank. If you are going to email the gift card to someone then it looks best if you fill these out.



Perfect for a baby shower, newborn, birthday or Christmas.

Gift cards are valid for one year from purchase, and can be made for any amount you like.

Gift cards can be used for any of the scheduled Chunky Llama sessions on the calendar, a full studio session, or any Chunky Llama products.

Not sure what your money might buy?

Your friend can choose what they use their Gift Card for, but here’s examples of what things cost in the Chunky Llama world.

  • $45 – one 15 minute session for one child. includes one digital image
  • $80 – one 20 minute session, either for a family or other occasional special Chunky Llama session.   includes one digital image
  • $180 – One full studio session, like a cake smash,  includes one digital image
  • $230 – One 20 minute scheduled family session and six digital images

How do I get the Gift Card?

The gift card is sent to your email address as a pdf file as soon as payment clears.  This means if you pay by credit card it’ll be in your inbox right away.  If you pay by bank transfer it’ll have to wait until the payment clears.

You can print out the gift card on your own printer, or you can email the file to your friend if you’d prefer to go paperless.

The valuable part of the card is the code that comes on it, so treat that like cash.