Newborn Studio Session

Beautiful art created by your own tiny human.

Newborn Studio sessions take roughly 1-4 hours in our warm, comfortable Blenheim studio. 

These sessions are the very opposite of our mini sessions, with plenty of time for cuddles, sleepy posing, feeding (all of us) and inevitably pooping (that’s just baby), and more beautiful poses. 

Full Newborn sessions are best suited for a baby under 2 weeks if you’re wanting squishy, sleepy, newborn images.  Babies slightly older are ok too, but they’ll be more wakeful and engaged. Petite Newborn sessions will suit babies up to 6 weeks old.

We’ll be 100% guided by what your baby is responding to, and feels in the mood for.  A typical session will produce roughly 20 gorgeous images on 2-4 different colour palettes or themes. 

For the FAMILY newborn sessions we love Mum and Dad to be included, as well as siblings, but it’s important siblings are only there for their portion of the session, and then get taken away again – trust me, this will keep you all relaxed! 

Once we’ve had our session, we will curate and prepare your images for viewing back in the studio at a time that suits you. 

The pricing below comes with two to four matted 5×7″ fine art prints and matching digital files depending on your session choice. You can either choose to stick to your few favourites, or purchase a package that includes prints, woodprints or an album. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that part so it’s not too overwhelming. Product packages start from $250.

We can only take on a very small number of these newborn sessions, as the studio is booked out for all kind of other goodies as well, so if this does sound like you, please get in touch before baby is born so we can pencil you in, otherwise drop us a note the minute baby arrives (or maybe slightly thereafter is ok too).  We’re only doing these on certain weekdays in the morning from about 10am.


Petite Newborn


1-1.5 hour studio session

Baby is wrapped for the entire session in 2 scenes of your choice

Two 5×7″ matted fine art prints and matching digital images.

Full Newborn


2-3 hour studio session

A mixture of wrapped and unwrapped poses in 3-4 scenes of your choice for more variety

Three 5×7″ matted fine art prints and matching digital images.

Baby + Family


3-4 hour studio session

Wrapped, unwrapped and family photos in 4+ scenes of your choice

Four 5×7″ matted fine art prints and matching digital images.

More images can be purchased at your ordering session, starting from $95 each. Print packages start from $250. Drop us a note for the full pricelist.