Full Studio Sessions

Not everyone can make it to the Mini Sessions on the scheduled days, and some sessions just don’t lend themselves to a quick and easy turnaround (cake smash, anyone?)  If you find yourself needing some flexibility, this might be your answer! 

You let us know what theme you’d like and what your availability is, and we can create a studio session just for you! 

COST: $180 includes your own themed studio session and one digital image of your choice. 

Most people will spend about $400 – $500 all up – but you don’t have to!

Here are some studio ideas:


Some families may need a bit of extra time, or may not be able to come in during the scheduled family days.

This is where Full Studio Sessions come into their own. We don’t have time to do ultra posed baby photos in this session, we just try to keep it as natural as possible. Newborns are welcome, but if you’re looking for posed sleepy baby shots, book into a newborn session – it’ll give us WAY more time to do that for you.

Cake Smash

So you’re turning one and you love cake, right? Do you even dare to dream that you can have an entire cake to yourself? We can make it so!

Bring your cute little self into the studio, and either your Mum or Nan can make the cake, or we can get a professional cake made, just for you. It’s yummy and it’s messy and you don’t even have to share your cake.

Sessions are $180 without cake, or $250 with a Sweet Creations cake. Bookings can be made for a weekday that suits you (and me!)

Pet Sessions

If you’d like to bring Fido in for a session, this is the option to go for! We can get him on his own, with his fur-siblings or with the whole family.

Stuff to know about Full Studio Sessions

  • Studio sessions are for up to 6 people and run for about 45 minutes all up.
  • You will have the opportunity to choose your images at the time of your session.
  • You’ll have the option of several different styles and backdrops, please let us know before you come what you’d like to start with so we can have it ready to go when you arrive.
  • If anyone is sick, please let me know and we’ll postpone the session to another time. No one wants photos of a sick person on their wall!
  • You can probably bring in your pet, but please check with me first!
  • $180 Payment is required at the time of booking your session. ($250 if we’re including a cake)
  • If you’d like more images during your session you can buy them starting at $45 each, bulk discounts apply (see above)
  • Additional images must be paid for on the day of your session.
  • Full resolution digital images will be ready within four business days and you’ll be sent a link to download them.
  • We do have beautiful wood print, framed fine art prints and canvas options available also!

Location Portrait Sessions

Let’s get out and about!  

Location portrait sessions are tailored to you and your family.  At a time that suits your family and the light, we photograph you in a location that might be special or significant to you, or has fabulous light and scenery.  Location sessions generally take about 45 minutes, and I spend time playing with the kids and warming up those who would rather not be in front of the camera (it’s ok, you’re not alone there).  We follow the light and take loads of photos.


Location Portrait sessions are:

  • $495 includes the session plus three matted 5×7.5″ Fine Art prints and their matching digital files.
  • Further images can be purchased at your personal viewing session. Individual prints start at $95 and come with matching digital file.
  • Packages for prints, canvases and albums start at $250

Sessions are for up to 10 family members and are available in limited number during Saturdays, or by special request in the weekday evenings.

Email us: info@chunkyllama.co.nz and we’ll get you booked in!

Here are some ways you can use a location portrait session:

New born and family at home

To me, newborns and home go hand in hand. I love to focus on the real life aspect of this precious time, so that you’ll look back and remember how these fleeting weeks felt, as well as how your baby looked.

This is not a super posed shoot, this is a more organic look at your young family.


This is a great place for slightly older kids. There are usually places with great light, but the start or the end of the day is infinitely the best time to be there for light.

We’ll probably plan our session a couple of hours before sunset if you want the beach look.

Pollard Park

This is the go-to for outside portraits in Blenheim.

It’s got the path with the big trees for brilliant framing, and we generally walk a loop of about 800 meters or so and stop in several places where the light is good.

This means that the kids are kept busy and feel like it’s a fun outing, not told to stand in one place and behave for an extended time. If we make the experience fun, the photos will be much better.

Another good option is to go to the bottom of Quail Stream at the base of the Wither Hills, it’s best a couple of hours before sunset as the light is soft as the paths aren’t in full sun.

Stuff to know about Location Sessions
  • Location sessions are for up to 10 people and run for about 45 minutes all up.
  • The location can be anywhere in the wider Blenheim area. If you let me know what kind of images you like, I can give you some pretty good suggestions.
  • If anyone is sick, please let me know and we’ll postpone the session to another time. No one wants photos of a sick person on their wall!
  • You can probably bring in your pet, but please check with me first!
  • Payment is required at the time of booking your session.
  • Viewing sessions will be held within about 2 weeks of your session.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the packages, if you haven’t seen the full pricelist please let us know.
  • Most people will spend $650-$1500 on their final collection.

Email us: info@chunkyllama.co.nz and we’ll get you booked in!