Tua Marina School Photos

Hello Tua Marina families! 

26 November

Now that the deadline for ordering has passed, you’re still welcome to purchase images for the next week or two – but pick up will be at our studio in Brookfield Place.

9 November

Thanks everyone for your feedback on the digital vs print options. Based on what you guys have said, you’d prefer to have a cheaper print option, and not worry about the digital. I had thought that everyone would be keen to have the master copy to do what they want with it, but many of you have said you prefer to have prints instead, so I’ve adjusted the pricing accordingly to give you a print only option.

If you’ve already ordered digital images, and would prefer the print only option, you’ll have an opportunity to amend your order. We’ll be getting in contact with you before we process the orders. So don’t worry about that at all.


  • 5×7.5″ Print: $15
  • 8×12″ Print: $30
  • 12×18″ Print: $65
  • Portrait Pack, includes 1x 5×7.5″ print and 4x wallet sized 2×3″: $20
  • Class photo A4 Laminated: $15 (or $30 if you want the digital image included)

I hope this gives you the best of both worlds! You can still go for a digital option for $30 per image, which is still the best value.

If you choose to buy a digital image as well as prints, individual print prices will be discounted as follows: (5×7.5″ = $10 each, 8×12″ = $25 each, 12×18″ = $45 each)

Thanks again!


School Photo Day – 3 November

Wow – what great kids you all have! We had so much fun taking their photos on Tuesday, and they played along beautifully! No matter how boisterous or quiet each child was, everyone brought their own sparkle of personality and it really shows on the photos.

Each child has at least two great images, the more extroverted kids have a series of about five or six (and as parents, you know which of your kids they are!) About 80% of the kids were keen to do a funny face as well as ‘one for mum’.

Choosing your images:

  1. Photographer’s pick.  You let us choose the best image, or series of images, of your kiddo.  You can order and pay for these using the form below, from now all the way till November 15. 
  2. Choose your own. (these ordering dates have now passed)


We know you want digital images, so we’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Digital File: $30 each

Print Prices:

  • Portrait Pack, includes 1x 5×7.5″ print and 4x wallet sized 2×3″: $20 each
  • 5×7.5″ Print: $15 each
  • 8×12″ Print: $30 each
  • 12×18″ Print: $65 each

If you choose to buy a digital image as well as prints, the print prices will be discounted as follows: (5×7.5″ = $10 each, 8×12″ = $25 each, 12×18″ = $45 each)

Class Photo:

Laminated A4 Print that includes all the kids names: $15 each – (or $30 with the digital file)


For every $90 you spend, you will receive a $30 gift code to use at the Chunky Llama Checkout! $30 will get you one 10 minute session for one child, which includes one digital image. OR you can use the $30 towards a family/Christmas/journal session (making it $60 instead of $90). This is good for both in person ordering, or ‘photographer’s pick’ online.

School Photos – Photographer’s Pick


We know you’re busy and many parents can’t make the ordering times at the school. If you’d like us to choose the best photo/s of your child, this is where you place your order.   If you’d like just one image of your child, we’ll pick the one that Nana will want to see, unless you tell us otherwise in the comment box.

If you want more than one photo, then select your options below, and add a comment about what photo this is for (eg. happy), and add it to the cart. THEN repeat the process with a different comment for your second photo (eg. silly) and add that to the cart too.

Would you like a digital copy of your individual child (or sibling) photo? A high resolution image in digital format is $30
Select the number of prints you would like of each digital image. NOTE: Please see the prices at the top of the page.
Laminated A4 class photo that includes all the kids names. You can choose to just get a print, or get a print + digital copy of the photo.
Pop your comments here please! ie. if you've ordered two images, would you like one good one for Nana as well as a fun/silly one?
Product total
Options total
Grand total


How do I get my images?

Digital Images:

If you order digital images, we’ll email you a link to download them directly.  It’s nice and easy, don’t worry. Digital images will be in full resolution, without watermark and able to be printed pretty well as big and as often as you’d like.


Prints will be sent to the school and given to the teachers

Can’t you just email me all of the pictures you took of my child so I can choose my favourite?

Nope, sorry!  There’s a bunch of different reasons this isn’t a good idea.  Imagine you’re emailing 100+ people, answering questions and sending different options and payment instructions and follow ups.  It would be a nightmare and we’d have to charge you way more per image to cover the time.  So we’re keeping everything as streamlined and automated as possible.  If you’re busy and you can’t make it to the scheduled ordering days, throw caution to the wind and trust that we’re going to choose a great shot of your kiddo for you.  If you really don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back.  No drama.